Pragmatism and creative spirit

“Be a place where people can get inspiration and turn their skills into actions to create value.”

Vision, Agrumaria Reggina Corporate Statement

Agrumaria Reggina is not only a producing company, first of all it is an ensemble of persons firmly believing in the creation of value for clients and make it every day by addressing all their efforts towards common objectives.

Our team is characterized by the high know-how along with the pragmatism and creative capacity, the right balance that helps us from time to time to implement carefully our manufacturing processes depending on various requirements. This approach allows us also to keep pursuing the top levels of effectiveness and efficiency in proposing each and every solution.

Let us know who you are

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The Italian beverage solution

Agrumaria Reggina is the Italian company specialized in providing customized solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry. We are specialists in the world of beverages and provide our partners with solutions to be leaders in their market.