Tailor-made solutions for your success

In order to create successful solutions, we access the soul of our clients

We follow every project from the transformation of the best citrus fruits, by controlling an advanced supply chain that allows us to use the best juices and other natural ingredients. Thanks to the Research and Development team, we are able to develop unique and effective ideas and solutions, and to ensure all along the production process the best quality of all the ingredients. We accompany the client along the whole manufacturing process: from the definition of the finished product to the whole product life cycle.



What we do

Food & Beverage

Flavour & Fragrance

Agrumaria Reggina serves its partners with a wide range of products to meet specific requirements:

All-in-one Systems

The best choice to have successful beverages and simplify the production process

Juice Ingredients

Juices coming from the best fruit: the most important ingredients for your beverages

Flavour Ingredients

Natural Extracts to give unique sensory experiences to your beverages.

Citrus Ingredients

Perfect Citrus by-products to improve the sensation of your application and create great taste