Mandarin – The Citrus Grove, The Fruit, The Processing into Essential Oil

We are in Taurianova, in the metropolitan area of Reggio Calabria, in Caccamo’s family estate which has been active on the citrus cultivation over three generations.

In the over 200 hectares of citrus groves, all Calabrian citrus fruits are grown in this land. Thanks to large and generous plants, mandarins that are harvested have unique smells and flavors that in Agrumaria Reggina we transform into essential oils and juices.

Our General Manager Paolo Chirico tells us about the collaboration with the Caccamo family and all the activities we implement to safeguard the sustainability of these citrus groves.

Cristina Giuliano, Essential Oils Product Manager, tells insights and curiosities about mandarin essential oil, one of the most loved ingredient by Flavourists and Perfumers.