With their pungent floral smell and distinct sour taste, lemons are one of the most loved types of Italian citrus fruit in the world and are widely used in severag consumer products. Available all year round, lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C and are a healthy substitute for salt, adding sodium-free flavor. Our lemons come only from Sicily and thanks to our production systems they become Sicilian Lemon Juice Concentrante, NFC, Essential Oil and much more!

Our Essential Oils: Lemon

Product Lemon Essential Oil
Botanical species Citrus limon (Burman)
Part used Peel of fruit
Main essence components Limonene, β-pinene, citral
Citrus transformation period October-April
Cultivation Area Sicily
Variations during the season  
October-March Maximum concentration of citral (3%, GC-FID value) and limonene (72%)
June-September Maximum concentration of β-pinene (17%), octanal (0.15%), nonanal (0.02%).