Flavour Ingredients

Ingredients to give unique sensations to your products. Our flavour ingredients come from the best of the citrus fruits and are extracted through advanced technologies preserving the best of each fruit.

Essential oils Natural extracts of orange, lemon, mandarin, bergamot for a wide range of applications.
Citrus Wash Flavours FTNF

Our Citrus Wash FTNF are perfect natural flavours to be applied in your beverages. They are in compliance with the new Organic Regulation which requires 95% to come from the named fruit.

*FTNF (From The Named Fruit): All flavouring materials come from the characteristic flavour at hand i.e. a Orange Natural Flavour FTNF only has extracts and chemical isolates from orange.

Terpenes Lemon and Orange terpenes are extracted solely from the concentration of essential oils. This refreshing aroma is almost identical to the fruit just peeled and offers extraordinary stain-resistant capacities.
Natural Cloudifier Flavours

Fruit Juices have a cloudy appearance thanks to the natural content of proteins, oils and pectins. When developing beverages with low juice content, the risk is to lose this natural characteristic and therefore to have an appearance not always appreciated by consumers.

To avoid proposing a beverage with a suboptimal appearance, our cloudy agents can be applied to improve the strength of the colour

Our Natural Cloudifier Flavours come from

Fruit Orange Lemon Mandarin
Legal Declaration Natural Orange Flavour Natural Lemon Flavour Natural Mandarin Flavour

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All of our creations are developed to offer the best solutions for successful products and can be delivered according to specific requirements through various formats:

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