Preferred by the little ones, this fruit is eaten fresh thanks to its content of vitamin C and its flavor is similar to orange, even if clementine is much sweeter and easier to peel! They are available from November to April with a very tasty and juicy pulp! The energy value is considerable compared to other citrus fruits and made almost totally by fructose.

Our Essential Oils: Clementine-Tangerine

Product Clementine Essential Oil
Botanical species Citrus clementine (Hort)
Part used Peel of fruit
Main essence components Limonene, gamma-terpinene, aldehydes (octanal, decanal, dodecanal), sabinene
Citrus transformation period Mid October-April
Cultivation Area Sicily, Calabria
Difference with Mandarin – Gamma-terpinene, α-sinensal, α-pinene: significantly lower;
– Limonene: much higher almost as much as sweet orange