From Fruit to Fruit – Our Circular Economy System

In 1976, in a report presented to the European Commission, Walter Stahel and Genevieve Reday outlined the vision of a circular economy and its impact on job creation, resource saving and waste reduction. The circular economy is based on the principle of avoiding waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating the natural system.

How does a company like Agrumaria Reggina that produces citrus fruit by-products achieve such a goal? Through an eco-sustainable cycle that starts from the fruit and allows us to use all by-products and waste from citrus processing. Through a controlled and optimally designed supply chain, we are proud to produce energy from processing waste, as well as animal feed. To show it, we shot a new documentary: From fruit to fruit – Our Circular Economy System.

In this brand-new documentary, Francesco Chirico, our Head of Technical Department and Family Member, tells us about the collaboration with Fattoria della Piana and all the activities that allow us to design our production process for a sustainable future.

Federica Basile, Sales Manager of Fattoria della Piana, tells insights and curiosities about her cooperative farm where every day agricultural waste from different companies arrives and are used to produce electric energy.

These are our actions for a better future!