Bergamot – The Citrus Grove, The Fruit, The Processing into Essential Oil

Agrumaria Reggina was born and continues to operate in Reggio Calabria. Our founding, Francesco Chirico, sensed the potential of the citrus fruits of our land. Among all citrus fruits that fill our gardens, bergamot has a privileged place.

This species, Citrus bergamia, it is cultivated almost exclusively in the Ionian Cost in the province of Reggio Calabria to the point of becoming a symbol of the entire area and the city.

In this new documentary our GM, Paolo Chirico, talks about the beauty of this fruit and the role of Agrumaria Reggina for healthy and sustainable cultivation. Cristina Giuliano, our Essential Oil Product Manager, describes the science of this fruit and all the applications in which bergamot can give a unique experience: in a perfume, in an early grey iced tea and much more.