Bergamot has several healing properties: it helps to fight cholesterol and to mitigate the effects related to advancing age. It is mainly known for its cholesterol-lowering properties. The Bergamot of Calabria is widely used for fragrances but it is also an excellent natural acidifier for drinks and other food products.

Our Essential Oils: Bergamot

Product Bergamot Essential Oil
Botanical species Citrus bergamia (Risso et Poiteau)
Part used Peel of fruit
Main essence components Limonene, linalool, linalyl acetate
Citrus transformation period November-March
Cultivation Area Calabria
Variations during the season
November-December Maximum concentration of linalool (18%) and minimum of linalyl acetate (20%). Emerald green color.
December-January The linalool decreases and the linalyl acetate increases.
Green color.
February-March The linalool reaches the minimum concentration (6%) while the linalyl acetate the maximum (40%). Light yellowish green color.