All-in-one Ingredients

Our All-in-one ingredients can be highly customized thanks to the wide range of fruit: apricot, pineapple, orange, red orange, strawberry, red fruits, lime, lemon, lemon-lime, lemon-mint, mandarin, mango, apple, multifruit, passionfruit, peach, peach-mint, grapefruit, grapes, ACE, citrus fruits mix, customized mix of fruit.

Integrated Compound

All-in-one custom-made solutions including all the necessary ingredients to develop a successful beverage. Our integrated systems represent the best choice to simplify the production process and standardize the product quality.

Main Advatanges

  1. All the ingredients available through one solution
  2. Simplification of the manufacturing process thanks to:
    • Less mistakes
    • Use of less resources thanks to a quicker beverage recipe
    • Greater logistic efficiency
  3. Standardization of the product quality


  • Soft Drinks: still or sparkling beverages with content of fruit purée or juice from 0 to 40%.
  • Fruit nectars: still beverages with content of fruit purée or juice from 40 to 90%.
  • Drinkable yogurt and milk and other milky products


Customized solutions to give taste, colour and stability to your beverages.

Main Advatanges

  • Taste, colour, and stability in your application through one solution
  • Cost-effective solution thanks to the low dosage
  • Highly customized
  • Wide range of flavours


  • Sodas: 0% juice beverages
  • Soft Drinks: 0-50% juice beverages
  • Drinkable yogurt and milk and other dairy products
  • Specialized applications for Food & Beverage


All of our creations are developed to offer the best solutions for successful beverages and can be delivered according to specific requirements through various formats:

  • Aseptic Drums
  • Frozen Drums -18°
  • Frozen tank -18°
  • Bag-in-box: 20-1000 kg

Discover our tailor-made solutions for your beverages:

All-in-one Ingredients

The best choice to have successful beverages and simplify the production process

Juice Ingredients

Juices coming from the best fruit: the most important ingredients for your beverages

Flavour Ingredients

Natural Extracts to give unique sensory experiences to your beverages.

Citrus Ingredients

Perfect Citrus by-products to improve the sensation of your application and create great taste

The Italian beverage solution

Agrumaria Reggina is the Italian company specialized in providing customized solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry. We are specialists in the world of beverages and provide our partners with solutions to be leaders in their market.