The Italian beverage solution: specialists in solutions for the world of beverages

Agrumaria Reggina is the Italian company specialized in providing customized solutions for the Food & Beverage industry.

We have been offering customized solutions in the world of beverages since 1985, becoming the best partner worldwide able to meet any type of requirement.

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What Inspires Us

Our mission drives and inspires our daily work, all our activities. It is our timeless compass and the first reference to evaluate our actions.

 “Creating solutions for beverages that feed, refresh and give moments of happiness.”
Paolo Chirico – Agrumaria Reggina General Manager

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Custom-made solutions, for unique beverages

In order to create successful beverages, we access the soul of our clients

We follow every project from the transformation of the best citrus fruits, by controlling an advanced supply chain that allows us to use the best juices and other natural ingredients. Thanks to the Research and Development team, we are able to develop unique and effective ideas and solutions, and to ensure all along the production process the best quality of all the ingredients.

Discover our tailor-made solutions for your beverages:

All-in-one  |  Juice  |  Flavour  |  Citrus

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Our commercial offices: Italy, Algeria, China, Kenya, Greece, Pakistan, Singapore, Turkey, UAE

Global Presence

Each commercial office of Agrumaria Reggina is managed by local staff that deeply know logics and needs of that specific market. This allows the clients to be much more competitive and offer faster the best beverage solution with the utmost respect for the quality of products offered.

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We guarantee the best quality standards

The quality has always been part of each management and manufacturing process, with due regard for products, people and environment.

Agrumaria Reggina is certified:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Organic
  • GMP
  • Kosher

Agrumaria Reggina is SGF (Sure-Global-Fair) member thanks to the best practices that characterize its actions such as the respect of the most important regulations and hygiene and safety standards.

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The Italian beverage solution

Agrumaria Reggina is the Italian company specialized in providing customized solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry. We are specialists in the world of beverages and provide our partners with solutions to be leaders in their market.