Custom-made solutions, for unique beverages

In order to create successful beverages, we access the soul of our clients

We follow every project from the transformation of the best citrus fruits, by controlling an advanced supply chain that allows us to use the best juices and other natural ingredients. Thanks to the Research and Development team, we are able to develop unique and effective ideas and solutions, and to ensure all along the production process the best quality of all the ingredients. We accompany the client along the whole manufacturing process: from the definition of the finished product to the whole product life cycle.

Agrumaria Reggina serves its partners with a wide range of products to meet specific requirements. Discover more about your ingredients:

All-in-one Ingredients

Our All-in-one ingredients can be highly customized thanks to the wide range of fruit: apricot, pineapple, orange, red orange, strawberry, red fruits, lime, lemon, lemon-lime, lemon-mint, mandarin, mango, apple, multifruit, passionfruit, peach, peach-mint, grapefruit, grapes, ACE, citrus fruits mix, customized mix of fruit.

Integrated Compound

All-in-one custom-made solutions including all the necessary ingredients to develop a successful beverage. Our integrated systems represent the best choice to simplify the production process and standardize the product quality.

Main Advatanges

  1. All the ingredients available through one solution
  2. Simplification of the manufacturing process thanks to:
    • Less mistakes
    • Use of less resources thanks to a quicker beverage recipe
    • Greater logistic efficiency
  3. Standardization of the product quality


  • Soft Drinks: still or sparkling beverages with content of fruit purée or juice from 0 to 40%.
  • Fruit nectars: still beverages with content of fruit purée or juice from 40 to 90%.
  • Drinkable yogurt and milk and other milky products


Customized solutions to give taste, colour and stability to your beverages.

Main Advatanges

  • Taste, colour, and stability in your application through one solution
  • Cost-effective solution thanks to the low dosage
  • Highly customized
  • Wide range of flavours


  • Sodas: 0% juice beverages
  • Soft Drinks: 0-50% juice beverages
  • Drinkable yogurt and milk and other dairy products
  • Specialized applications for Food & Beverage

Juice Ingredients

The most important ingredients for your applications:

  • Juice Concentrates
  • Fruit & Juice Concentrate
  • NFC Juice
  • Organic Juices

Our Juice Ingredients come from the best fruit: Orange, Blood Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Apple, Pineapple, Grape.

Main Advatanges

  • The best fruits are transformed just after the harvest
  • The fruit preserves its precious ingredients, taste and colour
  • The same freshness of the fresh-squeezed juice
  • No substance that can alter quality and flavour


  • Fruit juices
  • Nectars
  • Soft Drinks
  • Products for kitchen
  • Specialized applications for Food & Beverage

Flavour Ingredients

Ingredients to give unique sensations to your products. Our flavour ingredients come from the best of the citrus fruits and are extracted through advanced technologies preserving the best of each fruit.

Essential Oils

Natural extracts of orange, lemon, mandarin, bergamot for a wide range of applications.

Natural Flavours

FTNF/J : Natural extracts to give the best characteristics of citrus fruits to your products


Lemon terpenes are extracted solely from the concentration of essential oils. This refreshing aroma is almost identical to the fruit just peeled and offers extraordinary stain-resistant capacities.

Citrus Ingredients

Cells and Comminuted Citrus: perfect ingredients to improve the sensation of your application.

Orange Cells

Natural freshness and incredible sensory experience to improve the sensation of your application.

Comminuted Citrus

Concentrates of orange and lemon containing parts of flavedo, albedo and endocarp of fruit. They can be used as basis for beverages but also to add an intense taste to specific foods.


Agrumaria Reggina serves customers with a wide range of products to suit individual needs:

  • Standardized products (raw materials)
  • Customized solutions (aromatic preparations and emulsions).


Agrumaria Reggina is a company specializing in custom solutions for the Food & Beverage industry.