Our History

Agrumaria Reggina was established on 2oth February, 1985. The company’s history is intimately linked with that of its founder, Francesco Chirico, who refined the company’s offering through a process of diversification and vertical integration resulting in the current core business. The Chirico family has been serving the Food & Beverage market since the ’70s through production of packaging for sale of fruit and vegetable products.

In the ’80s Francesco’s sons Paolo and Orazio leveraged their relationship with the supply market to switch from production of complementary products (packaging) to sale of raw materials (citrus fruit), positioning themselves as suppliers of semi-finished products for the Food & Beverage industry.

Their productive activity was initially limited to first pressing of citrus fruit, without making concentrated juices. Over the years, the company has implemented a process of integration within its own process of activities that position the company farther and farther upstream in the supply chain. The first step was completion of juice transformation, followed at the beginning of the second millennium by blending of juices, the real heart of the current system of operations.

The family’s bond with the company has continued with the arrival of the third generation. Orazio’s children (Angela, Domenico and Francesco) and Paolo’s ones (Francesco and Felice) joined the business in 2008, carrying on the traditions and passion established by the company’s founder, who was already aware that Agrumaria Reggina would not be a mere industrial and commercial investment, but an enterprise destined to last and be handed down over generations.