Agrumaria Reggina wants to create value for its clients and does so with the help of men and women capable of directing their efforts toward common goals.

Pragmatism helps us implementing our processes accurately, therefore we need people who are capable of implementing our business strategy in various different areas of expertise.

Agrumaria Reggina continually pursues the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Our team members are characterized by a talent for problem-solving and creativity.

If you want to work or live an internship in Agrumaria Reggina, send us your CV. Tell us who you are!

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Agrumaria Reggina serves customers with a wide range of products to suit individual needs:

  • Standardized products (raw materials)
  • Customized solutions (aromatic preparations and emulsions).


Agrumaria Reggina is a company specializing in custom solutions for the Food & Beverage industry.