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Our Company

Agrumaria Reggina is the Italian company specialized in provision of customized solutions for the Food & Beverage industry.

We have believed in the corporate potentials and in passion for fruit, by appraising the know-how and constantly investing in research and development, until becoming over the time an important reference point in the offer of excellent products, not only all along the distribution channel but also for the final consumer.

We follow every project from the transformation of the best citrus fruits, by controlling an advanced supply chain that allows us to use the best juices and other natural ingredients. Thanks to the Research and Development team, we are able to develop unique and effective ideas and solutions, and to ensure all along the production process the best quality of all the ingredients.

Why are we The Italian beverage solution™?

The Italian

We are an Italian family, in the heart of the Italian cultivations of citrus fruits and we represent the Italian excellence in the world of food.


We are specialists in the world of beverages.


We provide our partners with solutions to be leaders in the market: market analysis, product development, production, service.

Our Numbers

The Company

1985Year of foundation
5Members of the 3rd generation in the corporate management
20.000m2 of the production plant
0,75Export on sales (outside of Italy)
4Categories of product
160Days of citrus fruit transformation over the year

Production Capacity

Blends of juices and compounds+30.000 ton/year that can be increased by 200%

Capacity of Fruit Transformation

Orange+600 ton*/day+100.000 ton/year
Lemon+500 ton/day+80.000 ton/year
Mandarin and clementine+150 ton/day+15.000 ton/year


Agrumaria Reggina serves customers with a wide range of products to suit individual needs:

  • Standardized products (raw materials)
  • Customized solutions (aromatic preparations and emulsions).


Agrumaria Reggina is a company specializing in custom solutions for the Food & Beverage industry.